Tuesday, September 28, 2004

We're close to becoming very good? Huh?

Clemson offensive coordinator Mike O'Cain says it's true.

I'll have what he's having, please.

GOOD NEWS FOR A CHANGE: Check out the Greenville News' awesome, multi-story package on gameday at Clemson. Well worth the time.

MILLER WINS ACC AWARD: For the second time this season, Justin Miller has been named an ACC player of the week.

GOALPOSTS: Here's an update on the status of Clemson's fancy new goalposts. Yee-haw.

OBED ARIRI SIGHTING: Here's a good story I found on Obed Ariri, Clemson's great All-American placekicker from the late 1970s.

RICHARDSON TO START: Freshman offensive lineman Barry Richardson will start against Virginia over Jesse Pickens.

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