Friday, September 17, 2004

Tigers gear up for trip to Texas A&M

Utah's 41-20 victory over the Aggies on Sept. 2 is teaching Clemson a lot about Texas A&M's strengths and weaknesses.

IT'S GETTING BETTER: Clemson's players are starting to recover from last week's loss to Georgia Tech.

TEXAS A&M TRADITIONS: The Greenville News examines them here. So does The State, here.

JUST CHILLIN': Clemson will be wearing special "air-conditioned" jerseys for Saturday's game in College Station, where the temperature is expected to be in the 90s.

CAN BOWDEN STAND THE HEAT? Here's a story from the Houston Chronicle that imagines some kind of huge backlash building against Clemson coach Tommy Bowden because he's not 2-0 right now. Ridiculous. Now, if we go 0-3 on the road trip that begins Saturday at Texas A&M, then I think we'll have some complaining.

RESERVES ROCK: Here's another story on running backs Kyle Browning and Reggie Merriweather.

THE NOTEBOOKS: Here, here and here.

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