Tuesday, September 14, 2004

For long snapper Geoff Rigsby, a heavy burden to bear

There are a lot of stories out today about Clemson's veteran long snapper Geoff Rigsby, who's poor snap late in the Georgia Tech game set up the Yellow Jackets for their game-winning touchdown. Read them here, here and here.

Well, Geoff, mistakes happen. The best thing for our fans to do is support Geoff and the team as much as possible, and the best thing for Geoff to do is to try to move on.

Former Clemson player Paul Snyder did something especially classy. Snyder, whose bad snap in the 1959 Sugar Bowl led to LSU's only touchdown in a 7-0 win, called Rigsby personally on Sunday to console him. That's a wonderful thing to do, Paul. You are a true Tiger.

BIZARRE STAT: Speaking of the Georgia Tech game, a poster on the Tigernet message boards cited an interesting statistic:

Don't know if this has been brought up...

but we are 38-0-1 all-time, when we have at least 200 yds. rushing and 200 yds. passing! We ended up with 199 rushing on Saturday. All we needed was that 1 yard and we would be 2-0 and 39-0-1!!!!

Sure enough, we did finish with 199 yards rushing. And that one measley yard, late in the game, would have given us a first down and allowed us to run out the clock.

Instead, we know what happened next.


ACCENTUATING THE POSITIVE: It's difficult, but that's what Clemson coach Tommy Bowden is trying to do.

THE NOTEBOOKS: Here and here.

FSU GAME TIME, HILL HONORED: Clemson's game at Florida State on Sept. 25 will be televised by ABC and kicks off at 3:30 p.m. Also, linebacker Leroy Hill was named the ACC defensive lineman of the week.

PREGAME NOTES: Here are some pregame notes for this week's contest at Texas A&M. (More on that game here.)

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