Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Bowden family suffers tragic loss

A Florida car accident related to Hurricane Frances tragically took the life of coach Tommy Bowden's nephew and ex-brother-in-law. John Madden, 45, and his son, Bowden Madden, 15, died Sunday night near Quincy, Fla. My condolences go out to Coach Bowden and his family. You can share your condolences at Tigernet; they've put up an online condolence card.

RUNNING GAME NEEDS IMPROVEMENT: A couple of stories today deal with Clemson's anemic rushing performance in Saturday's victory against Wake Forest.

FREE FALLING: Clemson fell five places in the AP poll this week, but that doesn't seem to be bothering the players.

STUCKEY'S BIG DAY: Here's a story on the huge game Clemson's Chansi Stuckey had Saturday against Wake Forest.

GEORGIA TECH LOOK-AHEAD: Here's some information on the team from the Anderson Independent-Mail, and here are the voluminous pregame notes from the SID's office.

POSTGAME ANALYSIS: Here's a look back at the Wake Forest game by Jeff Quinton of FanBlogs.

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