Friday, September 10, 2004

Bowden back to work after a sad day

An emotional Clemson coach Tommy Bowden rejoined his team Thursday after delivering a eulogy at a funeral for his nephew and former brother-in-law, who were killed in a traffic accident in Florida on Sunday. (More on Bowden and priorities heading into Saturday's Georgia Tech game here.)

MORE ON STUCKEY: The Greenville News has an article on dazzling receiver Chansi Stuckey.

THE GOALPOSTS: Here is an article on those fancy collapsible goalposts Clemson installed this year.

BIG DAY IN S.C.: The Greenville News' Bart Wright has a column about a big day for college football in South Carolina.

HILL PROFILED: Here's a story on dominating Clemson linebacker Leroy Hill.

THE NOTEBOOK: Here you go.

LOOKING BACK: Here's a story about the 1977 Clemson-Georgia Tech game, a 31-14 win for the Tigers in Atlanta.


TONIGHT'S BIG GAME: It's Miami versus Florida State. (Clemson plays both of them this year on the road.) Read all about it here.

AND FINALLY: The good guys over at the Georgia Tech Sports Blog (no permalinks; scroll down) have posted some GT/Clemson haikus that surfaced on a Yellowjackets message board. They're pretty funny:

John Deere, famous brand
All those tractors 'round Clemson
Budweiser is good!

September distills
Orange tears and purple blood
Exit stadium

Singing Ramblin' Wreck,
Top deck Techies gasp for air.
Damn these seats are high!

Going to the game
A Tiger fans asks, "Would you... some fries with that?"

"i puked this morning
the colors in it looked much
better than clemsons.

'Necks leaving the field
Orange and purple stalkers
Cows running in fear

No, no, I was just
Helping that sheep over the
fence. Got some chew man?

And then a Clemson fan showed up:

Thirty nine to three
That was the score in your house
Please shut your pie hole

As Tech blogger Scott wrote: "That had me cracking up. I mean THAT is what I call smack-talk. I love it."

Me too, Scott. Me too.

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