Thursday, September 09, 2004

Technical difficulties. Trying to catch up...

Sorry about no posts on Wednesday. #$%&*@+ Blogger decided to crap out on me. I'll try to catch up. I'll also try to update this later today -- much later today. Gotta go to work early today.

LOOKING AHEAD: There's a nice package of stories about the upcoming game against Georgia Tech and college football in general. Here's one about Clemson coach Tommy Bowden using some of Tech coach Chan Gailey's comments as "bulletin-board material." (More here and here.) Here's a notebook, and here's the ACC week in review. Additionally, here are some ACC stats.

BOWDEN IN MOURNING: There are several stories about how coach Bowden is dealing with the loss of two close relatives, the first such loss he has encountered in his family. Read here and here.

BALL, TECH ROLLING TOWARD CLEMSON: Here's a story about Georgia Tech quarterback Reggie Ball. Apparently, he's good. And here's more about the Jackets and how they learned a powerful lesson from the 39-3 beatdown we applied to them in Atlanta last year. These guys certainly haven't forgotten. Stop by and leave a comment. I'm sure they'd love to hear from some Clemson fans.

GOOD RECEPTION: Here's a story about how Clemson's relatively inexperienced receiving corps has played well so far this season.

WESTZONE UPDATE: Stadium naming rights for the WestZone Project at Death Valley apparently are on the table. Hmmm. The Hooters/Naturally Fresh WestZone?

STILL MORE ON WHITEHURST: Here's one from The State, and here's a column by the Greenville News' Bart Wright.

MILLER HONORED: Defensive back Justin Miller could be headed for a great season. He's already garnered his first honor -- ACC defensive back of the week.

THE NOTEBOOKS: Here and here. And here's an older one.

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