Thursday, January 08, 2004

(UPDATED at 8:25 p.m.)

Hamilton's decision: Is it a done deal?

WPDE, an ABC affiliate serving the Florence-Myrtle Beach area, is reporting that Derrick Hamilton has indeed decided to turn pro. According to WPDE, Hamilton will announce his decision to his teammates at Saturday's team banquet.

If it's true, it's bad news. But I'd like to see some independent confirmation of this. As of this morning, Hamilton still hadn't made up his mind. (More here and here.)

ACC EXPANSION, AND BEYOND: This is an important story. The Washington Post is reporting that Boston College will not join the league until 2005, and that it will have a ripple effect throughout college fooball, perhaps prompting a fairly large re-alignment of the ACC, Big East and Conference USA.

ALL-BOWL JASMIN: Clemson running back Chad Jasmin has been named to Ivan Maisel's All-Bowl team. Congratulations, Chad.

THE 2004 SCHEDULE: It hasn't been ironed out yet, but three non-conference games are set: Sept. 18 at Texas A&M, Oct. 16 vs. Utah State and Nov. 20 vs. South Carolina.

PLAN YOUR SICK DAYS IN 2004: This is funny.

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