Friday, January 16, 2004

Tigers get a couple more commitments

Defensive end Anthony Davis of Columbia, S.C., switched his commitment from Wake Forest to Clemson, and tight end/defensive end Phillip Merling of Cordova, Tenn., committed without making an official visit.

Meanwhile, coach Tommy Bowden is hitting the recruiting trail. (More here.)

THE FRIDAY FIVE: OK, here goes.

1. What does it say in the signature line of your emails?

2. Did you have a senior quote in your high school yearbook? What was it? If you haven't graduated yet, what would you like your quote to be?
Didn't have quotes in my yearbook.

3. If you had vanity plates on your car, what would they read? If you already have them, what do they say?
Poopie. Just because it's a funny word.

4. Have you received any gifts with messages engraved upon them? What did the inscription say?
Just my initials.

5. What would you like your epitaph to be?
"He had a wonderful life."

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