Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Everybody's talking about Sammy Watkins

As Clemson climbs in the national rankings, its players are soaring into the national spotlight, and none more so than freshman Sammy Watkins.

• ESPN says Watkins plays above his age. Bleacher Report calls him a "human highlight reel." (Watkins is also a supportive roommate to running back Mike Bellamy, who is not happy with his lack of playing time.)

• Running back Andrew Ellington, who rushed for more than 200 yards against Maryland, is revving up the Tigers' offense.

Orange and White examines which players are getting the most snaps this season.

• There were 14 "sickening" plays Maryland ran against Clemson on Saturday. Defensive coordinator Kevin Steele describes them.

• Pre-Snap Read, a fine college football blog that I just discovered, looks at Clemson's season so far.

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