Friday, October 14, 2011

Clemson to the SEC? Not so fast, Barker says

Lots of Clemson news out there a day before the game with Maryland. Let's hit the highlights.

• Clemson University President James Barker refutes a Boston Globe report earlier this week that Clemson would join the Southeastern Conference as its 14th member. I'd welcome a move to the SEC myself, and I think a lot of Clemson fans would, too.

The Washington Post predicts a narrow victory for the Tigers over the Terps on Saturday. Narrow? Clemson Girl sees a 31-20 win for Clemson.

• The Clemson-Maryland series has been a streaky one through the years.

• Here's an injury update for both Clemson and Maryland heading into Saturday's game in College Park. The big news: Maryland's leading tackler, Demetrius Hartsfield, will miss the contest.

• The Terps could play two quarterbacks on Saturday -- Danny O'Brien and the speedy C.J. Brown.

It's down to the wire in the recruiting battle for North Carolina prep star Carlos Watkins. Will he choose Clemson or Florida? We'll find out later today.

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