Friday, November 14, 2003

(UPDATED at 4:42 p.m.)

Hamilton endangers Clemson record book

Receiver Derrick Hamilton is on pace to break a lot of the school's offensive records. Not only that, but he amazes teammates and fans alike with his athleticism.

TED ROOF, TED ROOF, TED ROOF IS ON FIRE: I love this headline on a story about Ted Roof, Duke's interim head coach who has found a way to win. (More here.)

TIGER FRIENDS FOREVER: The official Clemson site has a nice story up about former Clemson players Chuck O'Brien and Stacy Long, who do a lot of work for cystic fibrosis. Give it a read.

ELLIOTT HONORED: Clemson receiver Tony Elliott is a candidate for Academic All-American honors. Congratulations, Tony.

COSTLY GOAL POSTS: The removal of the goal posts at Death Valley following Clemson's huge upset of Florida State cost the school $6,200.

ISN'T THAT SPECIAL: The official Clemson site has a profile of former Clemson linebacker Keith Adams, who is busting heads on special teams for the Philadelphia Eagles.

THE NOTEBOOK: From The Greenville News.

AROUND THE LEAGUE: Well, we didn't get the help we needed from the Cavaliers Thursday night. Maryland defeated Virginia 27-17, so now we have to hope that N.C. State and Wake Forest can beat the Terps, and hope for FSU to beat N.C. State. Also, Georgia Tech needs to lose to UNC or Virginia. No matter what, we'll only be able to tie for second place.

Of course, all of this is based on the assumption that we beat Duke this week.

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