Wednesday, November 05, 2003

(UPDATED at 11:47 a.m.)

Reports: Bowden won't be fired in midseason

The State is reporting that Clemson athletic director Terry Don Phillips will wait until the end of the season to evaluate coach Tommy Bowden's job status.

"You let the cards be played and at the end of the season, regardless of what sport it is, (and) you sit down and visit at that time," Phillips said. "And until that time, we're going to encourage and support these coaches, and we're going to encourage and support our team."

This is a sensible approach. I've always thought firing coaches before the end of the season was a bad idea.

Meanwhile, columnist Ron Morris of The State makes a point that's certain to anger a lot of Clemson fans: Bowden ain't done that bad, folks. True, but does his slightly above average record justify his big paycheck? Apparently not, according to this guy.

Finally, here's a hard-to-read chart of other Division I coaches who are on the hot seat.

LOOKING AHEAD: Here's an AP story that's spun off of Clemson's weekly press conference.

SPEED KILLS: The Greenville News has an interesting story on the evolution of speed in college defenses and what that means for Clemson. And speaking of the defense, Clemson defensive coordinator John Lovett says Wake Forest had a great game plan going in, which is why the Deacs rushed for 321 yards in Saturday's 45-17 victory.

BOWDEN BOWL NO FUN: Here's a good story on the internal family strife that the annual Clemson-FSU game causes for the Bowden family.

FEELING BETTER: The Seminoles will be healthy for Saturday's Bowden Bowl.

CU-FSU MEMORIES: The official Clemson site has posted video highlights of the first Bowden Bowl, the 1999 game in Clemson that drew a record crowd to Death Valley. I was there that night with my father, and it was an unforgettable atmosphere. Unfortunately, we lost 17-14.

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