Wednesday, November 26, 2003

(UPDATED at 1:06 p.m.)

Bowden contract negotiations continue

Clemson is still working out the details of a contract extension for coach Tommy Bowden. (More here and here.) I hope they can sew this thing up quickly. It's time to move on and get ready for the Peach Bowl.

CONFIDENCE GAME: Clemson's players view the Peach Bowl as a chance to build for the future.

STRONG WORDS: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Tony Barnhart takes Clemson fans to the woodshed for clamoring to fire Tommy Bowden. He makes some good points about the unreasonable expectations of a lot of the fan base, but he loses it by suggesting that a lot of Tiger fans are OK with cheating. All in all, though, I agree with his sentiments. And here, Barnhart says an Ole Miss-Clemson game would be interesting.

D'ANDREA STAYING PUT: Clemson associate athletic director Bill D'Andrea won't be pursuing the athletic director's job at East Carolina.

STEP INTO THE DEN: Jim Brown has updated his Tiger Den Web site with his personal take on the Clemson-South Carolina game. Check it out.

YEAR IN REVIEW: College Football News, which is not always a reliable source of information, nonetheless has a nice game-by-game rundown of Clemson's season. Give it a look.

STATS WATCH: We're still No. 2 in kickoff returns. We're also 17th in passing offense and 20th in pass defense. Charlie Whitehurst is 14th in the country in total offense.

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