Thursday, November 13, 2003

(UPDATED at 1:32 p.m.)

For Tigers, Duke is eerily reminiscent of Wake Forest

The Blue Devils run a similar misdirection-type offense, and that has Clemson worried. Here's another reason I'm worried: 1989. We went down to Tallahassee and kicked FSU around the field, then lost to Duke two weeks later.

WHITEHURST MEMORIES: Clemson quarterback Charlie Whitehurst looks back at his first start. It was last season against Duke.

BOWLS COME CALLING: The Gator and the Peach are interested in Clemson. Goodie.

NOTEBOOK: From the Greenville News.

HISTORY BOOK: The Greenville News' Dan Foster looks back at some of Clemson's greatest wins.

NOTRE DAME TO THE ACC? That's kooky talk. The ACC has already expanded to 12 teams; how would a 13-team league work? Would we pull in another team for a monster 14-team league? (I know. I spent most of the summer advocating a 16-team ACC. I now see the error of my ways.) The Irish should now do what they didn't do in 1999; join the Big Ten (actually 11) and make it a 12-team league.

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