Monday, November 10, 2003

(UPDATED at 4:17 p.m.)

At Clemson, confidence is high, repeat, confidence is high

And why shouldn't it be after Saturday's huge win over No. 3 Florida State? Besides being the Tigers' first big win in many, many years, it also gives them a chance to finish second in the conference (they are already guaranteed no worse than a tie for third). Second place would mean a better bowl game, possibly the Gator or Peach. A Tigernet commenter has already worked out the scenarios we need, including the teams we need to pull for:

Right now here's what we have in the ACC:

1 Loss: FSU vs. NC State
2 Losses: MD vs. UVA, NC State, Wake
2 Losses: NC State vs. FSU, MD
3 Losses: GT vs. UNC, UVA
3 Losses: UVA vs. MD, GT
3 Losses: Clemson vs. Duke

Take it one weekend at a time. First let�s look at who can be put away (4 losses).

* Clemson must beat Duke to secure a 3-loss season and we�re done.
* If UNC can beat GT, GT goes to 4 losses and are out. If not, UVA needs to beat them the next week for them to be gone.
* For MD to be gone (4 losses), they have to loose 2 of 3 vs. UVA, NCS, and Wake. My guess is they stay at 2 or move to 3 losses on the season.
* For NC State to be gone, they need to go 0-2 vs. FSU and MD. So if FSU beats NCS, FSU stays at 1 loss and NCS goes to 3.
* This leaves UVA. I think we want UNC to beat GT and UVA to beat MD. If so, UVA goes to 4 losses, MD goes to 3, GT is out.

It�s confusing, so take it one week at a time. Recap:

Pull for Clemson to beat Duke (duh...we're done at 3)
Pull for UNC to beat GT (GT out)
Pull for UVA to beat MD (UVA stays at 3 losses, MD joins us at 3)
Pull for FSU to beat NCS (NCS joins us at 3 losses)

If these happened, it would look like this:

1 Loss: FSU done
3 Losses: MD vs. NC State, Wake
3 Losses: NC State vs. MD
3 Losses: UVA vs. GT
3 Losses: Clemson done
4 Losses: GT vs. UVA

If this is what it looks like next Sunday, then it goes:

Pull for MD to beat NCS (MD has another shot at a loss with Wake, NCS out)
Pull for GT to beat UVA (UVA out, GT already out)

That would make it look like this:

1 Loss: FSU done
3 Losses: MD vs. Wake
3 Losses: Clemson done
4 Losses: NC State done
4 Losses: UVA done
4 Losses: GT done

If this is what it looks like in two weeks, we pull for Wake to beat MD and we are sole 2nd place in the ACC!

Yeah, it�s a dream, but that�s the order to get there.

At least that�s what I think I think about the ACC race.

I think you're about right.

DOMINATING DEFENSE: The Greenville News takes a look at Clemson's outstanding defensive performance Saturday against Florida State.

RECRUITING BOOST: Clemson had nearly 100 potential signees in the house Saturday night, and many of them liked what they saw.

GAME BALL FOR BOWDEN: Clemson's players awarded the game ball to embattled coach Tommy Bowden after the win against FSU. That's a classy gesture.

CLEMSON/USC GAME TIME SET: The Nov. 22 contest will air on ESPN2, and it will kick off at 7 p.m.

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