Tuesday, November 11, 2003

(UPDATED at 4:26 p.m.)

Don't discount the Dookies, Clemson

I started saying that right after I saw that the Blue Devils had ripped Georgia Tech last Saturday, and there are a couple of stories out there that say the same thing. We're all excited about the big win over FSU, but this is NOT the time for a letdown. Then again, there really isn't a good time for a letdown, is there?

WHERE THE TIGERS MIGHT BOWL: The Gator or the Peach are looking likelier. And here's the breakdown:

How Clemson can secure a spot in the New Year�s Day bowl as the ACC�s No. 2 team:
-Clemson beats Duke on Saturday

-N.C. State loses one of its two remaining ACC games (vs. Florida State, Saturday; vs. Maryland, Nov. 22)

-Maryland loses two of its three remaining ACC games (vs. Virginia, Thursday; vs. N.C. State, Nov. 22; vs. Wake Forest, Nov. 29)

Note: Under this scenario, Clemson and N.C. State would be tied for second-place with a 5-3 ACC mark, possibly along with Georgia Tech or Virginia. Clemson would own tiebreakers against the Yellow Jackets and Cavaliers; ultimately, the selection committee has the upper hand � it can choose N.C. State even if the Wolfpack win one less conference game than the Tigers.

That's a little more concise than yesterday.

HAMILTON LEAVING? Receiver Derrick Hamilton is considering declaring himself eligible for the NFL draft after this season. God, I hope he reconsiders. He would be an important part of our offense next season.

HILLS HONORED: Clemson defensive players Tye Hill and Leroy Hill were among those named ACC players of the week.

NOTEBOOK TIME: From the Greenville News.

TERRY DON PHILLIPS SPEAKS: The Greenville News covers a speaking appearance by Clemson's athletic director.

REMEMBERING COOPER: Tigernet has a nice story about former Clemson receiver Gary Cooper, who was paralyzed in a tragic car accident several years ago.

DULY UNNOTED: For whatever reason, the voluminous pregame notes for the Duke game haven't been posted. Until they are, here are the post-game notes from the victory against FSU.

STOP SPREADIN' THOSE RUMORS AROUND: Frequent Tigerpundit commentor Jason has noticed a story that smells like a steaming pile of bullshit: A certain Richard Cirminiello writes the following in his "Quick Hits" column at College Football News:

Are we to believe that a single Clemson victory against Florida State miraculously makes Tommy Bowden a head football coach that should be retained? That somehow Florida State laying an egg washes Bowden�s string of mediocrity and seven-win seasons? Gimme a break. It was a great victory for the Tiger program, but many Clemson fans�and more important AD Terry Don Phillips�are still skeptical. Phillips has his eye on former Clemson coaching icon Danny Ford. The Clemson board voted 9-3 on Friday to can Bowden at season�s end. Whether Saturday�s win changes sentiment at the university remains to be seen.

WTF? How in the hell did he get his information? This guy doesn't even credit any "anonymous sources" for this blockbuster. He just kind of slips it in halfway through his collection of notes WITH ABSOLUTELY NO ATTRIBUTION AT ALL, and pretends it's a "fact." That's damn shoddy journalism. Thanks for pointing that out, Jason.

STATS WATCH: We've slipped to No. 2 in kickoff returns, but we're 20th in passing offense. Quarterback Charlie Whitehurst is 20th in the nation in total offense.

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