Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Spillergate: Bowden, Anderson paper owe UF an apology

It turns out that star running back and Clemson signee C.J. Spiller was NOT being unduly influenced by University of Florida signee Tim Tebow on the eve of National Signing Day.

Turns out, the two friends were just watching "American Idol."

So I guess we can call off the NCAA investigation of the University of Florida football program that Clemson coach Tommy Bowden and the Anderson Independent-Mail were calling for on Monday.

Why? Because it's already taken place. The Gators self-reported the issue and were cleared of any wrongdoing. As I predicted yesterday, Tebow was not sent by UF officials to entice Spiller to become a Gator; he went on his own. In fact, Spiller asked Tebow to come for a visit.

Don't believe me? Just ask Spiller. That's what this Gators fan site did. It went to about 200 percent more effort than the Anderson Independent-Mail, which apparently called the UF athletic office and spoke to SID Steve McClain, who told them that coach Urban Meyer was unavailable.

Maybe the Anderson Independent-Mail could have asked McClain about the Tebow situation, at which point McClain could have transferred the call to Florida's NCAA compliance director James McCloskey (no relation to Gator McKluskey).

That would be the same James McCloskey who is quoted here and here as saying the matter was self-reported to the SEC and is basically a non-issue.

So, was this whole thing payback for the Gators nabbing Mike McIntosh out from underneath the Tigers' noses at the last minute, as Fanblogs reported on Tuesday?

Could be. And if it is, that really, really sucks. As the headline says, Bowden and the Anderson Independent-Mail should apologize for this mess.

I only hope this sorry incident has not dealt Clemson's future recruiting efforts a crippling blow in the talent-rich state of Florida.


Jeff Quinton said...

Then again,
FSU is reported in at least one of the articles as being the party responsible for trying to turn Florida in.

I keep hearing Tebow wasn't the only player there but I haven't been able to confirm it. The fanblogs piece I wrote didn't say that it was payback for McIntosh (it just mentioned McIntosh, who just transferred to Ga. Southern.)


what do you think of the job robbie spence did after his first year at cu