Thursday, May 04, 2006

Did UF play dirty pool to keep Spiller in-state?

In his latest three-dot column, the Anderson Independent's John Brasier has an interesting tidbit about shenanigans being declared on the University of Florida with regard to the signing of C.J.Spiller:

On to college football, where the Clemson coaching staff is perturbed about an alleged last-minute recruiting heist Florida tried to pull with CJ Spiller, who signed with the Tigers anyway.

As the story goes, Florida sent one of its top players on a lengthy drive to see Spiller and keep him busy on the eve of signing day. If the story is true, Florida could be in for some trouble with the NCAA. ...

Hmm. "Keep him busy." That sounds like it could involve all kinds of Fulmer-Cup-worthy activities. ...

* Post-spring depth chart released:
A few surprises, but not many. It'll be interesting to see how that chart changes in the fall when our outstanding recruiting class hits campus.

* ACC - officially a football conference? The Charleston Post and Courier seems to think so, based on the league's performance in this year's NFL draft. Myself? I thought it became one the minute Virginia Tech and Miami joined the league.

* Sweet memories: Tigernet blogger Mickey Plyler looks back to Clemson's rise to prominence in the late 1970s. I remember many of the same things, but I had forgotten about Notre Dame coach Dan Devine flipping the bird to the Clemson crowd during that tense game in 1977. I was there that day, 11 years old and bursting with excitement, so maybe Devine's terrifying middle finger was so traumatic that it warped my fragile little mind, causing me to forget about it -- until now!

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