Thursday, May 25, 2006

Columnist to CU, USC: You're doin' it all wrong, boys

Gene Sapakoff of the Charleston Post and Courier offers some fundraising advice to both Clemson and the University of South Carolina; don't try to attract sugar daddies with big bankrolls, just put a good product on the field and you'll sell more tickets.

Well, how about a lot of each?

* CFR says CU is A-OK: College Football Resource lists its five best in the major conferences, and ranks Clemson third in the ACC. I always hope for more, but I'll take that.

* Stretching for wins: The EDSBS guys do what blogs do best: publish off-the-wall rumors. (Hey, they're no Anderson Independent-Mail!) This one says that Clemson will be using yoga as part of its conditioning drills. As I wrote in the comments, we don't need yoga to beat the Gamecocks, just a few minutes of some nice, gentle tai chi. The yoga playbook comes out when we're prepping for Florida State or Virginia Tech.

And hopefully this year, Wake Forest.

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