Tuesday, May 02, 2006

C.J. Spiller: Clemson signee, TV star?

C.J. Spiller, one of the top prep running backs in the country who stunned everyone by signing with Clemson, is one of the finalists to appear on an ESPN reality series called "Summer House." The show would have six of the nation's top signees living together prior to enrolling in college.

Also, the article reveals that Spiller is writing a book about his senior year. How well will it sell? I dunno.


Broken Gnome said...

I hope this works out for CJ, but I don't much care for this kind of behavior.

I remember CJ being billed as a basic guy with a good Christian heart. Now he wants to be on a reality show, sell a book about himself, and is wearing gold shoes at a track meet. I'm betting we can toss modesty right out the window.

Stokes said...

When asked about the show Spiller said, "I'm very interested. I'm small time celebrity, and now it is time to do what all small time celebrities do... a reality show. We are just finalizing our negotiations. ESPN wants to pick the roommates, but I said I will only do it if I can share a bed with Kevin Alexander."
When the reporter asked if Spiller ment to say, Share a room with Kevin Alexander." Spiller said yeah, "that's what I meant", and shot the reporter the wink and the gun.