Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Clemson: We ain't so dumb now, is we?

So says the American Football Coaches Association, which has recognized Clemson's football program with an honorable mention in its Academic Achievement Award. That means that at least 70 percent of our student-athletes graduated. Congratulations, Tigers.

* WestZone photo update: It's making some nice progress. Check it out:

See more photos here.

* The Fridge ain't running: In fact, Clemson legend William "Refrigerator" Perry is not doing much of anything, apparently, except driving old white ladies around at charity golf tournaments in tricked-out golf carts:

"C'mon, I'll be back. It ain't like it's your cart. DAMN!"

Talk about being at the course wrong. As Cedric the Entertainer would say, I think Fridge is just borrowing this golf cart so he can run to the store, probably to pick up a dozen Slim Jims, 14 build-your-own hot dogs, 3 jumbo bags of Lay's salt-and-vinegar potato chips, a dozen glazed doughnuts and a 48-ounce Mountain Dew to tide him over until dinner. Let's hope he doesn't run into Cedric on the way.

You can't borrow Cedric's Escalade golf cart. Don't even ask.

* Bowden on video: Clemson coach Tommy Bowden was speaking in Florida on Monday, and a local TV station has some footage. Near the end, notice how the reporter completely wimps out on asking Bowden any tough questions about Spillergate.

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