Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Signing Day is here, and things seem to be going well

All indications are that Clemson will have a Top 20 class loaded with skill players and big linemen.

Here are two links that will be continuously updated throughout the day:

Tigernet's Signing Day coverage

The official Clemson site's Signing Day coverage

UPDATES: Clemson landed Antonio Clay, a highly prized linebacker who had been courted by Oklahoma, Miami and Florida State. What a catch!

* Also, running back Tony Nelson of Germantown, Md., the subject of a recent story in The State that generated some controversy, has signed with UMass. The Washington Post provides a long story on the recruiting of Nelson, whose high school coach really seems to have it in for Clemson and Tommy Bowden. (Note: If you can't read the Post story because of registration problems, go to bugmenot. com and find a password.)

* Here's a story from WIS-TV in Columbia on Clemson and USC signees.

P.S. Did we sign any war daddies this year?

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