Friday, February 18, 2005

Clemson reports minor violations to NCAA

Clemson has self-reported five very minor infractions to the NCAA.

How minor? Well, somebody got their hand slapped for giving a prospect a "publication," which apparently is against the rules. (We wouldn't want potential college students reading anything, now would we?)

McCLOUD TO TRANSFER: Reserve receiver Gerald McCloud has announced that he intends to transfer. Good luck, Gerald. UPDATE: Also, receiver Michael Collins is giving up football because of a degenerative hip condition. He'll become a student assistant coach this season.

TYE HILL UPDATE: Here's a story about Tye Hill, a star defensive back on the football team who also is a star track athlete. However, injuries have slowed him down during indoor track season.

THE FRIDAY FIVE: OK, here goes:

1. If you could have anything you wanted to eat for a day, what would you choose for your meals and snacks?
Oh wow. Let's see. Well, I'd have a big breakfast of a Western omelet, silver-dollar pancakes, fresh-made sausage and really good coffee. Lunch would be fried fish, fried chicken or pork barbecue (Eastern N.C. style, natch) with some greens, fried okra and potato salad. Dinner? A dozen gigantic fried oysters, a crab cake, a big filet mignon, salad with bleu cheese dressing and a twice-baked potato. Then again, I could eat Thai food all day, too. Or Indian. Or Chinese.
2. Is there ever a dish/food or dessert you wanted to try but never had the opportunity, what is it?
Can't really think of any. I've tried a lot of different foods, including alligator.
3. What's a dish/food or dessert you've tried that you wish you hadn't?
Without a doubt, pate. The wife and I had it in Vegas, and I did not care for it. You can read her take on the pate, and a few other things, right here.
4. Ever watch cooking shows? (i.e. "Great Chefs," "Epicurious," etc.)
Yes. I enjoy Rachael Ray's $40 a Day (and NOT just because she's so damn cute, either! Sorry, honey. Hey, it's not like I don't have to listen to her drooling over Jon Stewart all the time.) I also enjoy those "history of food" shows.
5. Are you hungry yet?
Nope. Just had kabob for lunch. But thanks for asking.

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