Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Gaines Adams leads defense, quietly

And our all-star defensive end is doing it even though he's injured. Here's to him getting healthy and realizing his full potential.
* What does ACC stand for? According to this column, it's Atrocious Coaching Conference.

* Flashback: Here's a look at Clemson's 13-3 victory against Georgia in 1981, the defining moment in the Tigers' march to the national championship 25 years ago. I was there that day with my father, and I still remember all the details: The "Kick the Mutt in the Butt" banner we saw draped across the balcony of a student apartment around 9:30 the morning of the game, a scene made complete by a massive pile of beer cans and a passed-out undergrad in a lawn chair; standing by UGA's bus as its players arrived hours before the game and having Herschel Walker smile at me and say, "What's up?"; and, of course, the game itself, in which Walker uncharacteristically fumbled three times, I believe. Good stuff.

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