Sunday, September 17, 2006

Clemson 27, FSU 20: Another landmark win!

Apologies for the lack of posts until late Sunday. I just got back from out of town.

There's no way around it; Saturday's win in Tallahassee was one of our biggest road victories ever. I know, I know. Florida State's offense is pathetic. But to win in a place where we haven't won since Danny Ford prowled the sidelines is indeed heartening.

Much less heartening were the two kicks that were blocked and returned for points, a problem that now appears to be more the fault of kicker Jad Dean, who seems to be taking a little too long to get the kick off than he should. (I wondered the same thing after watching replays.)

Anyway, I feel much more confident about the season. The voters in the polls agree; we're back in the rankings at No. 19. But I hope we don't get complacent.

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