Friday, February 03, 2006

More recruiting postmortems from the media

The Greenville News' Bart Wright has a column on Clemson's 2006 rushing attack, which will feature James Davis and new signee C.J. Spiller. The Doublemint Twins are mentioned.

* Enthusiastic supporter: The Greenville News also profiles prep quarterback Willy Korn, who committed to Clemson as a junior and is such a big Tiger fan that he has met with potential recruits. Isn't that breaking some NCAA rule?

* Hill climbing: The State's Bob Spear writes about the Seattle Seahawks' Leroy Hill, a former Clemson standout. Here's another piece on Hill, from the Rocky Mountain News, and here's yet another, from the Newark Star-Ledger. (Tony Soprano's favorite newspaper!)

* ESPN's new home page: Check it out (via Heismanpundit.)

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