Thursday, February 09, 2006

Clemson-USC game to get an official name?

Apparently, some folks in the Legislature want to link the showdown between the rivals to the state's anti-litter program.

Hmm. The Garbage Bowl?

* Cumbie profiled: Here's a nice story on Clemson signee Jamie Cumbee, an Andrews, S.C., native who played prep football in Illinois.

* Scheduling conflicts: ESPN's Ivan Maisel wrotes about how the addition of a 12th game in 2006 is screwing up schedule-making for college teams. He mentions Clemson's tough stretch in October, when the Tigers will only have five days after playing Georgia Tech to prepare for a Thursday night game at Virginia Tech.

* And finally: In response to this challenge from a UGA blogger, I give you this:

Joe Theismann never played in Death Valley. But Joe Montana did.

The year was 1977, and not even the magical powers of Howard's Rock could overcome the Lucky Charms of the Irish and their maniacal leprechaun that day. Notre Dame rallied from a 17-7 fourth-quarter deficit to win, 21-17.

That 1977 Clemson season was notable for an early-season triumph at Georgia, the first time the Tigers had won in Athens since 1914. By way of perspective, that was four years before Spiro T. Agnew was born, and 66 years after the signing of the Seneca Falls Declaration, which was an important step on the path to freedom for America's women!

As most college football fans know, winning in Athens is tough. It was even tougher back then. Imagine sitting in a stadium with 70,000-plus characters from a Patterson Hood song.

They ain't never gonna change, either.

How was that, Kyle?

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