Saturday, February 11, 2006

Boston College in the ACC: Who really cares?

The Charleston Post and Courier has an interesting article about the Boston region's near-total indifference to Boston College athletics, even after the school's high-profile move to the ACC.

The reasons are simple: Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, Bruins.

So the ACC added Boston College because of the size of its TV market. Well, what if you get low ratings in that big TV market, and always will? Choosing West Virginia instead of BC is looking better all the time.

* Happy Birthday, EDSBS: I missed this yesterday, but the boys at Every Day Should be Saturday turned one year old on Friday. Congrats, guys. You have one of the most entertaining blogs in any genre, and I wish you continued success. And check out EDSBS's first post:

And did I mention the traditions? The run down the hill at Clemson ... the kickass USC Trojan Band, complete with armor-clad drum major and giggle-inducing phallic symbol ... waking up the ghosts (and the fans) at Notre Dame ... the festive pregame stoning of the infidel at Knoxville ... it's all too much for a single nation, really.
There's something special about Gator fans who can still heap praise on Clemson even after we sent them Charley Pell.

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