Monday, February 06, 2006

As expected, Napier hired as assistant coach

As expected, Napier hired as assistant coach

Billy Napier, a former Clemson graduate assistant, has been hired to coach tight ends at Clemson. Napier was a former standout quarterback at Furman and had recently worked at South Carolina State.

The buzz on Napier from Tigernetters "in the know" is that he'll be a great recruiter. Also, he's already familiar with the staff, and his knowledge and experience at quarterback is viewed as a plus.

And, interestingly, some posters seem to think the fact that Clemson will be paying him less than the other coaches is a good thing.

* Are we weak academically? That seems to be the thrust of a completely unscientific study from the Orlando Sentinel that was highlighted at College Football Resource. (Thanks for the link, BTW.) Take it with a large grain of salt.

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