Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Clemson vs. Georgia: A look back at a classic rivalry

Clemson University
SB Nation has a long retrospective on the Clemson-Georgia football rivalry that is well worth your time. A taste:

More than just geography dictated from the beginning that the two teams would be rivals, though the spirit of animosity between them certainly was stoked by the fact that scarcely 70 miles separate the Athens and Clemson campuses. The history of the series stretches back to the earliest days of both football programs, which sprang from a common fountainhead: Walter Riggs, who founded Clemson football, learned the sport as a student at Auburn, where he played for George Petrie, who learned the sport as a student at Johns Hopkins, where he acquired his passion for the game with classmate Charles Herty, who founded Georgia football.

Read the whole thing.

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