Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sweet Jesus: Fatal accident an NCAA VIOLATION?????

I was about to post something about this story, but the lads at Every Day Should Be Saturday beat me to it.

However, I disagree with the direction EDSBS seems to want to push this. As stated in the story, one of the boosters in question was good friends with the coach who got killed, and it has been widely reported that the coach was friends with one of the players involved. That would seem to satisfy the NCAA's "pre-existing relationship" requirement, and would invalidate EDSBS' comment about "message board gnomes pulling the 'best friend of hairdresser's third cousins' Clemson AD's pet' connection bit."

In other words, I don't think these boosters were walking around campus and inviting random Clemson athletes to take JetSki rides.

Either way, I question the timing of this story. A man is dead, and a young athlete will have to come to grips with a lifetime of guilt. Yanking a future scholarship, or putting a letter in someone's personnel file, seems petty at this point.

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