Monday, June 26, 2006

Hershel Walker wanted to be a Tiger?

Strangely enough, that's also the headline of this fascinating piece from I'd always heard that Clemson had come close to signing the future UGA Heisman winner, but I never knew it came down to a coin flip.

Of course, there's also a longstanding rumor (I believe first aired in a Sports Illustrated article from the early 1980s) about a midnight meeting in a cemetery with a booster from an unnamed school in which a grocery bag stuffed with cash was offered to Walker in exchange for his signature on a letter of intent.

* Best ACC stadiums: Clemson ranks No. 2. Frankly, I think we're No. 1, and I would rank UNC's Kenan Stadium higher, too. Yeah, it's the wine-and-cheese crowd, but it is a beautiful setting for football.

* Yes, us and the Gamecocks really are trailer trash: EDSBS takes taunting to a whole new level by applying actual Census-type statistics. Clemson and USC don't fare too well.

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