Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The WestZone project needs money, but from where?

There's a long, well-done piece in the Charleston Post and Courier about funding issues involved in the construction of Clemson's WestZone project.

Hey, you want more money? Stop going 7-5 every year.

* Waiting can pay off: The State looks at the potential NFL payday awaiting cornerback Tye Hill, who didn't leave Clemson early like Justin Miller, Donnell Washington and Derrick Hamilton.

* LIES!! ALL LIES!! That's what the NFL draft is all about, according to this article. It includes this interesting anecdote about how Perry Tuttle wound up with the Buffalo Bills:

In the past, even information passed on between friends has caused friction. In 1982, Eagles coach Dick Vermeil told good friend Chuck Knox, head coach of the Buffalo Bills, how much he liked Clemson wide receiver Perry Tuttle. Lo and behold on draft day, Buffalo traded a spot ahead of the Eagles and took Tuttle. The Eagles, furious in their draft room then settled on Mike Quick who ended up having a better career than Tuttle.

Very interesting.

* What are the last words of a Gamecock fan? "Hey, y'all watch this shit!"

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