Tuesday, April 11, 2006

More O&W Game postmortems

Six Degrees of Bowden takes a humorous look at the Orange and White Game, with extra attention paid to Rendrick Taylor and Will Proctor. 6DB notes the seven interceptions thrown by Clemson's quarterbacks, and is a little worried. As am I.

Meanwhile, Every Day Should Be Saturday, in a roundup of spring-game action, also makes note of the INTs, and suggests that they have inspired Lauren Bowden get to work improving morale "up under center."

Check out Mickey Plyler's take on the spring game.

And here's some commentary from Ban the Woo Hoo, which I had failed to notice is now updating in a more blog-like fashion. Check out this post about Clemson and Georgia playing more than once in a decade. Good points all around.

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