Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Defensive backs remain a question mark

Clemson lost a lot of starters in the secondary last year. In fact, it's one of the few areas in which we don't have a lot of returning players, so how the group develops will be crucial to the season.

* Short takes: Here and here you'll find a nice summary of where we stand as we await the start of fall drills in, oh, four months.

* Catching up with ...: Former Clemson standout William Devane, who alternated at nose guard with William Perry on the 1981 national championship team.

* Have a cold one: The Sporting News' Tom Dienhart, who really seems to like Clemson, leads off a column on great college hangouts with some good words for the world-famous Esso Club. I've enjoyed many a pre- and post-game party at the Esso over the years, and I've been pleased with the renovations that the new owner did the other year -- ESPECIALLY in the bathrooms. Those were nastier than the toilets at the Port Authority Bus Terminal at the height of the Ed Koch administration.

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Broken Gnome said...

I'm not one to pay attention to the name's of journalists, but Dienhart I remember. I'm glad he's been saying some good things about the Esso and Tommy lately, but on the whole I still think he's an idiot.