Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Papa Bowden speaks at Clemson

Florida State coach Bobby Bowden spoke at Clemson Monday night about changes he's seen in college football during his lifetime. Bart Wright of the Greenville News has a column here, and The State provides a straight news story here.

I have a couple of problems with the story from The State. In a passage where Bowden defends some of the actions of Colorado football coach Gary Barnett, who has gotten into hot water for statements he made about former Bufs kicker Katie Hnida. Hnida has claimed that she was raped when she was on the team two years ago. Here's the passage:

Barnett was placed on paid administrative leave last month after he called Hnida an �awful� player who �couldn�t kick the ball through the uprights,� during his response to her allegation. Barnett later said his comments were taken out of context.

The assertion that Barnett responded to the rape allegation by saying Hnida was an "awful" player is a lie. (He did say that she was an "awful" player, but that was NOT a response to a direct question about the alleged rape. It was part of a 15-minute press conference.) Read here and here to find out how this story has been spun by the media through a combination of laziness, dishonesty or both.

It's clear that there are huge problems at Colorado, but this sideshow does nothing to bring the truth to light.

NEW GOAL POSTS: The NCAA has an article up about breakaway goal posts. Clemson is mentioned throughout the piece. Check it out.

BCS QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: CBS Sportsline answers key questions about the addition of a fifth bowl game to the Bowl Championship Series.

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