Thursday, March 18, 2004

Davis on ballot for College Football Hall of Fame

It's old news, but here's the press release about former Clemson great Jeff Davis making the ballot for the College Football Hall of Fame.

Jeff was a great linebacker and team leader for our 1981 national championship team, but looking over the list of nominees, I'm not sure he's a shoo-in.

BOWDEN SPEAKS: This time, Clemson coach Tommy Bowden was at the Horry/Georgetown Clemson booster club meetings. Check it out.

RANDOM, NON-FOOTBALL-RELATED STUFF: My fiancee is a Diet Coke addict, and now I think I'm becoming one, too. Here's why. ... I'm not a huge basketball fan, but I'll definitely be watching as much of the NCAA Tournament as I can. Go ACC, I guess. ... What did the fiancee and I do for St. Patrick's Day? We stayed home and watched TV. The thought of being surrounded by loudmouth, drunken, puking yahoos in a crowded bar is far less appealing than it was 15 years ago. ... This guy's blog is hilarious. This entry contains possibly the funniest thing I've read in weeks (scroll to the very bottom of the page):

In New York this past weekend, there was an Air Guitar Contest. The contest was immediately followed by the Masturbating into a Tube Sock, Then Crying Yourself to Sleep Tournament.

Two days after first reading that, I'm still laughing.

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