Monday, February 09, 2004

Bowden shakes up coaching staff

Clemson coach Tommy Bowden has made some changes to the football coaching staff for the 2004 season. Brad Scott has been demoted from offensive coordinator to offensive line coach, and Mike O'Cain has been elevated into the offensive coordinator job. Other changes:

Ron West, who had coached the offensive line for five seasons, will work with the defensive line. Defensive line coach Thielen Smith moves to coaching safeties. Rover/whip linebackers coach Jack Hines shifts to coaching tight ends.

Defensive coordinator John Lovett, linebackers coach David Blackwell, running backs coach Burton Burns and wide receivers coach Dabo Swinney are unaffected by the changes.

(More here.)

I think we were all hoping to see something like this, and I hope it pays off. I think Scott's (and Bowden's) crappy play-calling early in the season really hindered Clemson. We certainly don't need that this year.

Also, it's interesting to see who got moved and who didn't. It's an obvious statement about who's in Bowden's good graces and who isn't.

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