Thursday, February 05, 2004

And now, the recruiting season postmortems begin

It seems the late addition of Akeem Robinson helped ease the sting of the last-minute snub by Mike McIntosh. (More here, here, here and here.)

Once again, here's a link to bios of the players we signed.

BLACKWELL PLEASED: Clemson recruiting coordinator David Blackwell says he's happy with the players who signed with Clemson. Coach Tommy Bowden was pleased, too.

HOW'D WE DO: Recruiting "expert" Mike Knobler gives Clemson's incoming class a C. But check out Maryland; the Terps signed 11 SuperPrep All-Americans. And according to, we had the nation's 53rd-best class. (No link available.)

GET AN ICE CREAM MACHINE: Still upset about Mike McIntosh changing his mind at the last minute? Check out this anecdote from a recruiting story in the Boston Globe:

Stories of last-minute changes of heart are legendary. Some are funny, some are sad, as kids struggle with the fame that is about to be cast upon them. Former Wake Forest coach Bill Dooley tells about a recruit he thought he had until the signing date. It was Wake Forest and Clemson, in that order. Or so Dooley thought. But when the announcement was made, the recruit signed with Clemson.

Dooley, as was his practice with recruits he did not sign, called the player to wish him well and ask what he had done wrong so he could do better next time.

"Coach," said the recruit, "the difference was that Clemson served soft-serve ice cream in the cafeteria, and Wake Forest didn't."

Needless to say, Dooley had a soft-serve ice cream machine installed the next day.

Great. Now the NCAA will probably launch an investigation into Clemson's Dairy Sciences center.

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