Monday, December 01, 2003

(UPDATED at 5:31 p.m.)

Bowden named ACC coach of the year

Congratulations, coach. You've earned it after a tough, rollercoaster season. Here's to many more. I'll post more on this on Tuesday.

CONTRACTS AND BOWL GAMES: Negotiations are continuing between coach Tommy Bowden and athletic director Terry Don Phillips. No word on when a deal might be reached.

Meanwhile, it looks like the Tigers will most likely be playing Florida in the Peach Bowl. According to some commenters at Tigernet, posters on the Gator message boards feel we're a subpar opponent. Well, here's Clemson's history, and here's Florida's history. Granted, Florida has enjoyed tremendous success over the past decade, but historically, the programs are fairly comparable. And, as Kevin of Fanblogs pointed out in a comment to this post, Clemson handily defeated Florida State; the Gators just lost to the 'Noles.

RIVERS HONORED: As expected, N.C. State quarterback Phillip Rivers was named ACC Player of the Year.

ACC BOWL WATCH: Besides Clemson, Maryland will play West Virginia in the Gator Bowl, Virginia will play Pittsburgh in the Continental Tire Bowl, N.C. State will play Kansas in the Tangerine Bowl, and Georgia Tech will play in the Humanitarian Bowl. As league champs, FSU is in the BCS, and could end up in the Rose Bowl.

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