Friday, December 05, 2003

Columnist says Clemson coulda been a contenda

Check this out. The Greenville News' Bart Wright, one of Tommy Bowden's most relentless critics during the football season, writes something he would have ripped Bowden to shreds for doing at a press conference: pointing out how a couple of breaks against Maryland or N.C. State would have given the Tigers wins in those games and propelled them into the BCS.

Check out what Wright wrote after Clemson lost to N.C. State. He basically blames Bowden for the loss and insinuates that he really doesn't care, though today's column says you could blame the players for that loss. And here's Wright after the loss to Maryland. Note this line:

With all that on the table, the Tigers, who haven't been able to locate a consistent identity for a few years now, underachieved once again in a 21-7 loss to Maryland that didn't feel as close as the scoreboard suggested.

And what did Wright write today about the Maryland game?

If you were there for the game Clemson lost at Maryland 21-7, you know it was a game full of couldas and shouldas, a game that was surely not a blowout.

The most generous thing I can say is that Wright is inconsistent in his analysis. I'll leave it to readers to come up with an alternative explanation.

Welcome to the bandwagon, Bart.

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