Wednesday, March 13, 2002

Tigerpundit kicks off

Welcome to Tigerpundit, a blog dedicated to anything and everything about Clemson football. Don't let the name fool you. I'm an ardent fan, but strictly an amateur when it comes to predicting outcomes or analyzing long-term trends. The objective here is to provide my personal take on one of the big passions of my life, the Tigers. One day I may reminisce about the 1980 Clemson-South Carolina game. We came out in orange pants for the first time and beat the 14th-ranked Cocks and Heisman Trophy winner George Rogers 27-6. The next I may talk about how recruiting has gone this year. Another day I may describe those sweltering summer days at Coach Ibrahim Ibrahim's soccer camp in the early 1980s. Or I may write about memorable tailgating experiences (there's been a few). All the while, I'll strive to provide as many Clemson-related Web links as possible. I've dug up quite a few already. I hope anybody out there reading this enjoys it. I think I'm going to enjoy putting it together.

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