Thursday, March 28, 2002

Bowden visits Bama; Tigerpundit gets paranoid

I haven't checked in to the Tigerpundit site for a while, but I just saw an item that made my heart skip a beat. Tommy Bowden visited Alabama's football practice last week. Why does that worry me? Because this is an era of mercenary coaches who promise schools the world and get them to spend tons of money to upgrade facilities only to leave town when a bigger school comes calling. (Mack Brown did this exact same thing at UNC.) I'm sure it was an entirely friendly and professional visit, but I know his daddy's from Alabama, and he's stated in the past that he would love to coach there. I just have nightmares of him leaving us in the lurch to go to Alabama. Plus, I used to have a co-worker who was a Tulane grad. He said Bowden promised them the world, too, and bolted as soon as a big school came calling. But my predictions have been pretty bad. Hell, I was floating Nolan Richardson's name for the basketball job.

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