Friday, March 15, 2002

Do we need a new basketball coach? Not yet

I 'm generally not too passionate about Clemson's men's basketball team, but I read this article and I think we ought to give Larry Shyatt one more year. If he can't produce with nine of his top 10 players returning, then it's time for him to hit the bricks. As for those folks who want an immediate change, let me float a name: Nolan Richardson. I know he's controversial, but he's a proven winner with a national championship under his belt (won at the Charlotte Coliseum in 1994) and his teams play ferocious defense. I think he'd be a nice addition to the league. The problem is, he wouldn't come cheap, and the powers that be in Tigertown haven't shown a lot of desire for a serious, big-time basketball program. Also, it's well-known that Clemson faces big recruiting problems in basketball when going against league powers North Carolina, Duke and Maryland.

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