Friday, February 10, 2012

Clemson going to the Big 12? Huh?

 An insane rumor popped up on the Internet the other day: Clemson and Florida State could be poised to jump to the Big 12.

According to Kerry Capps at Orange and White, here's what's behind the rumor:

Enthusiasm among rank-and-file fans for the addition of Syracuse and Pittsburgh to the ACC seems underwhelming – especially in light of ACC commissioner John Swofford’s announcement last week that the conference will move to a nine-game league schedule, with Syracuse joining the Atlantic Division and Pittsburgh the Coastal Division as every-season opponents.

Faced with the prospect of trading even the occasional home-and-home series against Georgia or Auburn for a yearly date with Syracuse and a bi-annual trek to the Canadian border, many football-focused Clemson fans are starting to feel even more-than-usual like the Tigers have become a fish out of water.

I understand the reasoning behind that. However, the rumor seems to have no basis in fact -- thank goodness.

• Speaking of college conference realignment and scheduling, it looks like the Clemson-South Carolina series will continue without need of legislative action.

• Clemson's trip to the Orange Bowl on Jan. 4 cost $1.84 million, exceeding the Atlantic Coast Conference's allotment of $1.75 million, according to an analysis by The Charleston Post and Courier.

However, the ACC pulled in more than $40 million in bowl revenue, which is divided among the 12 member schools, so things aren't as bad as they seem.

The 70-33 loss to West Virginia, though, remains every bit as bad as it seems.

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College Football Season said...

$40 million in revenue, Wow no wonder why schools always compete when it comes to recruiting new players for their teams