Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Clemson coaches visit Nevada for ideas

The offensive braintrust at Clemson is paying a visit to the University of Nevada this week to gather some ideas on how to run the ball more effectively. Nevada Coach Chris Ault is noted for his "Pistol" offense:

Ault developed his offense as a variation of the power-I, which he used extensively during the early days of his coaching career. In the formation, the running back lines up in approximately the same position, relative to the line of scrimmage, as the running back in the I-formation. ... Last season, Nevada ranked sixth nationally in total offense with 507 yards per game – and near-perfect balance with 248 yards per game rushing (8th nationally) and 259 yards per game passing (32nd nationally).

Sounds good to me.

• Clemson offensive coordinator Chad Morris is looking for ways to make his squad "tougher, meaner and more physical."

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