Sunday, March 13, 2005

Updatin' on a Sunday afternoon

What a busy weekend. And what a tremendously awesome weekend.

As you readers know, I had the convergence of old friends visiting D.C. for the ACC Tournament and the death of the father of an old friend of mine.

Well, despite the subtext of loss and grieving, it all worked out wonderfully. Here's the itenerary:

THURSDAY: Left work. Drove to Rosslyn (a section of Arlington), found a free place to park. (If you live in this area, you know what a coup that is.) Hopped the Metro there, took it to downtown D.C., walked over to Fado and hung out a while as I waited for my friends to arrive. Fado was loud and crowded, so after the friends showed up we went next door to RFD's (crap name, great hangout with a huge beer selection). After many beers and memories, arrived home at about 1:30 a.m.

FRIDAY: Awoke at 6:30 a.m. Hauled ass to Dulles. Caught 8:55 flight to Charlotte. After delays and such, finally drove off in my rental car in Charlotte at about 11:30 a.m. After lunch at my favorite place in the Queen City, it was off to dad's house to get ready for the 2 p.m. funeral. Service was very nice -- upbeat, not sad, which is how Porter would have wanted it. Saw more old friends, including a few I haven't seen in many, many years. After dinner out with the parents, went out with my friend who had just lost his father. Good times, good talk, then more fun over at another old friend's home.

SATURDAY: Up at 7 a.m. to catch at 10 a.m. flight. Things went much smoother. Arrived home, chilled out for awhile, then the wife and I hopped the Metro to downtown D.C. to console my heartbroken Tar Heel friends. (Hee hee!) More drinks, more laughs, and a cab ride home at 2 a.m.

And here I am. I've got the day off from work, and now I'm going to catch up on some Clemson blogging.

SPRING PRACTICE UPDATE: Go here, here, here and here. And don't forget: The spring football game is April 16.

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