Monday, August 18, 2003

Training camp update: Roscoe's on the field

Tigernet is reporting that wide receiver Roscoe Crosby returned to the practice field Monday. I'll have more details and links tomorrow.

QUIET ON THE FIELD: There was no practice session Sunday, so most weekend Web reports about the Tigers were feature-type stories.

WHITEHURST IS READY: Tigernet has a story on quarterback Charlie Whitehurst, who says he has recovered, both physically and mentally, from the Tangerine Bowl fiasco. He's looking forward to the upcoming season.

MILLER TALKS TRASH: All-star cornerback Justin Miller has the cockiness of a Deion Sanders -- along with most of Sanders' skills.

HOWARD'S A HIT: The Anderson Independent Mail has an excellent story on defensive end J.J. Howard, who has been outstanding in preseason workouts and is increasingly viewed as a leader by his teammates.

MEET THE A.D.: The State profiles Clemson athletic director Terry Don Phillips, who has lit a fire under the sports program with his ambitious facilities plan.

THANKS FOR THE LINK: The Palmetto Journal has added Tigerpundit to its perma-links. Thank you, and I'll do the same.

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