Thursday, August 14, 2003

Training camp Day 9: ROSCOE'S BACK, BABY!

Hot diggety-damn. Receiver Roscoe Crosby, who has battled injuries and personal tragedies and seemed undecided about playing college football or pursuing a professional baseball career, has been granted a medical absence waiver by the ACC and will be able to play football this season. Crosby was rated the nation's top receiver coming out of high school in 2000, and in 2001 he set Clemson records for receptions and reception yards by a freshman. He'll have three years of eligibility left.

This is unbelievably good news. Crosby is perhaps the best athlete on the team, and his presence will put Clemson's receiver corps, already considered the best in the ACC, among the nation's elite squads. The thought of quarterback Charlie Whitehurst having so many targets to throw to -- Crosby, Derrick Hamilton, Airese Curry, Kevin Youngblood, Kelvin Grant -- makes my mouth water.

SIMMONS TO THE CITADEL: Former Clemson quarterback Willie Simmons is expected to join The Citadel. I hope that works out for him. He could be a dominating quarterback at the I-AA level.

THE INEVITABLE NOTEBOOKS: Here's one. And here's another. You know, I just realized something: These notebooks resemble blogs, don't they?

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