Saturday, July 12, 2003

'The Clemson formula' for success in athletic fundraising

I found this article from the Boston Globe while reading TigerNet's message board. It's about the University of Massachusetts' attempts to raise money for its athletic department, and how IPTAY is the "gold standard" for such programs across the country. An interesting read.

I'm glad Clemson is so highly thought of in fundraising circles, but how long can it last? Here's a Greenville News article on a big slowdown in season ticket sales. People are getting fed up with rising ticket prices and a mediocre product on the field -- my dad among them.

Sadly, he's giving up his season tickets. He has some good reasons for dropping them. The tickets kept getting more expensive, he was never able to significantly improve our seats (Section U since the early 1980s) and a couple of years ago they moved his parking spot from the paved and shady Heisman Lot to a spot on the grass behind the North Stands upper deck. (Yes, it's technically closer, but we really enjoyed tailgating in the Heisman Lot.) Add to the fact that I now live a lot further away and can't get to as many games as I could, and I can understand why he dropped them. Besides, as he pointed out, we could go down there any time and buy tickets.

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